U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Immigration and Customs Enforcement

HQOPS 50/10

425 1Street NW
Washington DC 20536

June 27, 2003


FROM: Anthony S. Tangeman Director, Office of Detention and Removal

SUBJECT: Office of Detention and Removal (DRO) Strategic Plan 2003-2012: Endgame

I am proud to release Endgame, DRO's 2003-2012 Strategic Plan. In September 2001, I chartered the STrategic Plan Working Group, made up of your peers in the field, at headquarters and in other immigration enforcement programs to develop a mission statement, DRO goals and performance measures to guide our operations for the next ten years. I am extremely pleased with their efforts and the result is Endgame.

As the title implies, DRO provides the endgame to immigration enforcement and that is the removal of all removable aliens, This is also the essence of our mission statement and the "golden measure" of our success. We must endeavor to maintain the integrity of the immigration process and protect our homeland by ensuring that every alien who is ordered removed, and can be, departs the United States as quickly as possible and as effectively as practicable. We must strive for 100% removal rate.

Endgame will serve as the basis for operational and budgetary plans and their execution for the next 10 years and has already proven beneficial in many instances. This plan has proven instrumental in developing our budgets, and business plans. DRO will be one of the first programs within the Department of Homeland Security to be subjected to the Office and Management and Budget's Program Assessment Rating Tool and with this strategic plan in place we expect to earn high ratings.

Endgame is a tool to be used and referenced by the entire DRO staff. I ask that each of you take ownership of this plan and the strategic goals we wish to achieve. Through the sharing of best practices, execution of operations professionally, efficiently and effectively, together we can accomplish our mission, reach our vision and maintain our significant presence as the immigration enforcement integrator.

My points of contact for Endgame are Adam X. Piceno and Jennifer Kliska, (202) 305-9312 and x9319.