Executive Summary

Endgame is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Office of Detention and Removal (DRO) multi-year strategic enforcement plan. It stresses the effective and efficient execution of the critical service DRO provides its partners and stakeholders to enforce the nation's immigration and naturalization laws. The DRO strategic plan sets in motion a cohesive enforcement program with a ten-year time horizon that will build the capacity to "remove all removable aliens," eliminate the backlog of unexecuted final order removal cases, and realize its vision.


"Within ten years, the Detention and Removal Program will be able to meet all of our commitments to and mandates from the President, Congress, and the American people."

Endgame is an essential part of an overall strategic planning process that will integrate operations with budget development and performance measurement. The DRO Strategic Plan Working Group, which developed this plan, will maintain it and the process through a suite of performance indicators. These will ensure that operations and accomplishments are appropriately measured and that the plan accurately reflects the current and future environment.

Endgame is pro-active in its vision to confront and overcome the many challenges DRO faces today and will face tomorrow. Throughout the next ten years, DRO will implement and execute a series of strategies that will develop the capacity and capability to execute all final orders of removal. The three themes listed below are DRO's "foundations for success," the pillars supporting the platform from which this plan and its strategies will be launched:

Building partnerships with critical stakeholders;

• Developing a professional workforce and the infrastructure to retain it; and

• Employing mission-critical systems and information technology.

Endgame embodies the core principles found within the National Strategy for Homeland Security. The National Strategy for Homeland Security promotes a balanced and integrated enforcement strategy, which ensures that the probability of apprehension and the impact of the consequences are sufficient to deter future illegal activity. Through its operational focus on fugitive apprehension and developing full capacity to remove all removable aliens, Endgame is a key element in the achievement of the balanced immigration enforcement strategy.

DRO's success as a core element of the immigration enforcement mission will be realized when the synchronization of its resources and infrastructure result in the immediate and effective removal of each removable alien, With this strategic plan, DRO strives toward that goal while ensuring that its services will be provided consistently and professionally. The result will be enhanced homeland security through the successful accomplishment of DRO's mission.


"Promote the public safety and national security by ensuring the departure from the United States of all removable aliens through the fair and effective enforcement of the nation's immigration laws."